MICROSOFT TEAMS: Optimize Project Processes & Collaboration


In Sixty Minutes You'll Be Using Microsoft Teams To Manage Your Solo and Joint Projects Like A Pro




What you'll learn

  • How to utilize Microsoft Teams and how to optimize different processes using Microsoft Teams

  • Inviting Team Members

  • Conversations Inside of the Channel Inside of the Team

  • Using the Channel Wiki Within The Team

  • Conversational Elements of Microsoft Word

  • Add Microsoft PowerPoint To Teams

  • Microsoft One Note

  • Microsoft Teams Document Sharing

  • Microsoft Teams Channel Settings

  • Add a Website Tab

  • Attaching the Mobile Application

  • Adding Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

  • Microsoft Teams and One Drive

  • Process One - Project Management

  • Process Two - Creating Live Events

  • Process Three - Live Streaming with Zoom and Go To Meeting

  • Advanced Tips and Q&A


In this Course, You’ll Use the Free Version of Microsoft Teams To Manage and Collaborate On Projects of All Shapes and Sizes


The Connect Effectively with Microsoft Teams

Using Teams to Connect and Collaborate Online

Here's exactly what you'll get inside the course:

20 Step By Step Over the Shoulder Videos

What you'll discover in this video course:

  • Teams Overview

  • The Teams Interface

  • Attaching the Mobile Application

  • Inviting Team Members

  • Starting a Channel within a Team

  • Meet Now Within a Channel Within Teams

  • Using the Channel Wiki Within A Team

  • Adding Microsoft Word

  • Additional Considerations of Word

  • Adding Microsoft Excel

  • Adding Microsoft Powerpoint

  • Adding Microsoft One Note

  • Dictation

  • Document Sharing

  • One Drive

  • Channel Settings

  • Top Level Channel Settings

  • The Website Tab

  • Conclusion of Basic Teams Course

Learn how to optimize the 3 most common processes

  • Process One - Project Management

  • Process Two - Creating Live Events

  • Process Three - Live Streaming with Zoom and Go To Meeting

+ Advanced Microsoft Teams Tips and Q&A

Additional Resources:

  • Ebook - Project Management Made Easy

  • Ebook: Ins and Outs Of Training a Team

  • Ebook: How-to-Effectively-Build-Teams-and-Make-Them-Work Is Giving Free Unlimited Courses That Are Already Available On The Websites.


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