Liferay for Beginners Create Your Website Without Coding

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Crash Course - Learn to create your first Website Without the need to Code Anything




What you'll learn

  • Creating Your Website In Liferay with Zero Coding

  • Liferay Overview and Features

  • Liferay Installation and Prerequisite setup on Windows or Linux

  • Understanding Liferay Folders/Structures/Logs and Housekeeping

  • Liferay Web User Interface Navigation

  • Understanding Liferay Portlet, Panels and Themes

  • Liferay Web Pages Creation

  • Understanding Different Types of Web Pages in Liferay

  • Content Creation and Management in Liferay

  • Creating and Managing Blogs in Liferay

  • Creating and Managing Forums in Liferay

  • Creating Polls in Liferay

  • Creating and Managing Forms in Liferay

  • Users and Groups Creation and Management in Liferay


This course is for absolute beginners of Liferay. In this course you will be learning below items:

  • Creating your Webiste without the need to code anything

  • Liferay Overview

  • Liferay Features

  • Understanding Liferay Architecture

  • Understanding Web Server (Tomcat)

  • Prerequisites

  • Liferay Installation on Windows

  • Liferay Installation on Linux

  • Understanding Liferay Folder Structure

  • Understanding Logs

  • Understanding Housekeeping

  • Understanding The Critical Folders

  • Introduce Portlet

  • Creating a Web Page in Liferay

  • Understanding Liferay CMS

  • Understanding Liferay Content Creation and Management Basics

  • Liferay Menu Bar Creation and Management

  • Liferay Blogs

  • Creating Polls in Liferay

  • Liferay Forums

  • Liferay Users and Group Management Is Giving Free Unlimited Courses That Are Already Available On The Websites.


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