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How the Internet Works & the Web Development Process

Development & IT

20/6/20, 10:57 am

Learn how the Internet Works - HTTP/HTTPS, Mail Delivery (SMTP), LAN, WAN, Network Basics & Firewalls




What you'll learn

  • How the Internet Facilities the movement of Data Packets

  • The Difference between Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN, WAN)

  • The Basics of the HTTP and HTTPS Protocols

  • How DNS Lookups Work

  • How Email Exchange works using SMTP and IMAP

  • How Network Ports and Firewalls Work

  • The difference between Hardware and Software Firewalls

  • An Overview of the Web Development Process

  • How to Plan the Development of a Small Website


This course explores how the internet works, including the composition and transmission of data packets over both Local and Wide Area Networks. We take a look at the HTTP and HTTPS protocols as applicable to client and server side communications - including DNS Lookups. This course will also teach students how email exchange works over SMTP and IMAP. The role of Network Ports and Firewalls are also introduced.

The course comes complete with two bonus sections which offer a quick guide for aspiring Web Developers. Here we offer a brief overview of the Web Development Process and Basic insights into the planning stages of a small website.


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