Front Kick Course: Muay Thai


Unbreakable Teep (Thai Front Kick)





Learn how to front kick like the legendary Samart Payakaroon!

What's included in the course?

  • How to Front Kick with perfect technique

  • Variations of attack : including the push, stun and jabbing attacks of the Front Kick

  • Defense, how to use the knee against incoming kicks

  • Footwork : How to move forward, backwards and cover lots of ground while kicking

  • How to Front Kick against an aggressive puncher

  • Mixing hands and feet simultaneously

  • Tricky techniques to slide through any opening

  • Kick so fast it knocks your opponent off their feet!

  • Targeting effectively

  • Sparring drills

  • How to use the heavy bag

  • Pad work for developing timing

Plus, much more content included...

Why take the time to learn the Front Kick? Because it is the most underrated weapon in Muay Thai! The Teep (as it is referred to in the Thai language) can dissipate any aggressive attack within the flash of second. Legendary Thai Boxers have mastered the art of the teep to such an extent, they have completely dominated and ended fights from the onslaught of the front kick. Now you can learn those techniques in broken down demonstrations.

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