COVID-19: Know Everything About Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

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Know the Facts about the Coronavirus Outbreak with Prevention & Precautions



About this Course

It has been over 100 years since humanity faced any pandemic. The last pandemic was Spanish Flu that cost around 50 to 100 million lives throughout the world. It was more than the total deaths resulted from World War 1.

Today, we are facing a similar situation with the outbreak of COVID-19. This pandemic has already resulted in over 1,275,000 positive cases worldwide. As an initiative to bring awareness among our readers, students and everyone else, we have curated this E-book covering all the essential points of Coronavirus.

This E-book covers some essential COVID-19 Queries and questions that will help you to have a proper understanding of Coronavirus. It covers:

Q. What are the Effects of Coronavirus in the world?

-> It has affected China, South Korea, USA, European nations like Italy, Spain, Germany, France and others.

Q. Coronavirus in detail

-> Learn how coronavirus affects your lungs causing reduced immunity.

Q. What is the incubation period of Coronavirus?

-> It is different for each virus but the incubation period for the latest coronavirus can range from 2-14 days.

Q. How Coronavirus can be transmitted?

-> It can be transmitted via person-to-person, people in close contact, contaminated surfaces.

Q. What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

-> Learn more about the symptoms that can vary as per the severity of the disease. It can vary for mild illness, moderate illness, severe illness.

Q. What are the precautions of Coronavirus that you can take?

-> Know more about personal hygiene, social distancing, respiratory hygiene

Q. What is the possible treatment of Coronavirus?

-> A brief look into the advancements in the treatment for COVID-19

Q. How Tech-Giants are Using Technology To Fight COVID-19?

-> Understand the contribution of all the big players like Apple, Google, IBM, NASA, Facebook, Intel, Kaggle & others towards the fight against COVID-19. They are using technologies like AI, ML, Data Science, Supercomputers, Robots, Chatbots & others.

Q. What are the Myths of Coronavirus?

-> Clear all your misconceptions of Coronavirus that has been widely circulated on social media.

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