Business Analysis Certification Program - The Competencies


Business Analysis Certification Program (IIBA - ECBA Certification)




What you'll learn

  • Business Analysis Competencies: Personal Skills

  • Business Analysis Competencies: Professional Effectiveness

  • Business Analysis Perspectives


The Business Analysis Certification Program - The Competencies course is aligned with the (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge Guide) BABOK v3 and includes 3 topic-oriented courses that cover the competencies part of the Business Analysis Certification Program.

Business Analysis Competencies: Personal Skills (IIBA-ECBA)  is the first in a two-part series on business analysis competencies, or underlying competencies, as they're called in the BABOK Guide. These competencies represent skills and knowledge that all business analysts should have in order to excel at their jobs. There are six categories of competencies altogether, and in this course we'll be looking at three of them: analytical thinking and problem solving, communication skills, and interaction skills.

Business Analysis Competencies: Professional Effectiveness (IIBA - ECBA) is the second of the series on business analysis competencies. This course covers behavioral characteristics such as personal accountability, trustworthiness, adaptability, and organization and time management. We'll also look at various areas of business knowledge that are important to business analysis. Finally, we'll talk about some of the tools and technology that business analysts use on the job.

Business Analysis Perspectives (IIBA - ECBA) covers five different perspectives from which business analysis may need to view their work. Perspectives are used within business analysis to provide focus for the tasks you will carry out. They'll also come with a set of techniques that are specific to the context of the change initiative. The perspectives we'll look at include agile development, business intelligence, information technology, business architecture, and business process management.

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